Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where am I today...

I am at Google's office in Cambridge learning about all their free products for non-profits. Hopefully, I will get some new tools for organizing MTPC and my work. This is timely as I am currently (or really never ending) drowning in emails and phone calls to return. I currently use many google products including having a phone that is google enabled.

At lunchtime, I was at the State House at the Commonwealth Seminar end of the year event with the keynote from Gov. Deval Patrick. The Commonwealth Seminar provides legislative training, networking opportunities with top policymakers, and public service job opportunities for diverse leaders in Massachusetts. I hope to build a relationship with this organization in order to get transgender folks into the trainings, myself included.

Where will I be tomorrow? Hopefully in my office catching up on all those emails and phone calls.

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