Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Day

Means loading up the breadmaker for fresh loaf of honey wheat bread, laundry, and puttering... lots of puttering. I am starting my two vacation, this will be my first consecutive two weeks off without homework, being at a residency for school, or overlapping with a conference since 2007. I have plans, probably more than I have time for all that I want to do, but it will be delicious not to be trying to keep all the balls in the air for a two weeks.

I will be going to Vermont for a few days to visit friends, going out to a few clubs and parties, and organizing my home office. I never really did organize my office when we moved, I just kind of dumped everything on the desk. So its time to toss, archive, file, and clear off some surfaces.

Here is a shot of Goddard's Campus from February 2007

I also just got a new lens for my old school film camera - Nikon N70. I am going to go buy some film (do they still sell film?) this week and go out and about to do some shooting. Of course I will have to get it developed at CVS or something, but it will be fun to use the camera anyways.

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  1. of course they still sell film silly! that's so exciting. go shooting w me!