Saturday, December 5, 2009

I took off for the west coast and encountered an orange toe biting furball

I am in San Fransisco, technically for my third time, but my first trip was for less than 36 hours and my second - I spent really in Oakland, in a hotel conference room and only ate dinner in San Fran on my way to the airport. This time I have two days to site see and then I will be stuck in a hotel conference room. So today, the big plan was to get to the Golden Gate Bridge, by public transit. That was a feat in itself, the maps at the stations - not so helpful and the tour books gave suggested public transit routes, but I felt like I was going in circles until I took out my phone with GPS.

Let me tell you I fell in love with my phone all over again, I put in my destination and hit the directions on transit and BAM! bus routes right from where I was standing... told me which bus to get on, what bus to change to about how long each ride would take. I got myself all over the place with that handy GPS and google maps feature, even back to where I a staying in Oakland. Granted, I missed my bus stop by 4 blocks, but that was my fault, I couldn't see the street signs in the dark.

So for $12 Bart fare and $2 bus ride I went to from Oakland to Golden Gate Bridge, to Russian Hill, to Chinatown, to Union Square, and back to Oakland. Cheaper than a rental car or zip car. I even managed to find a Trader Joe's along the way and pick up some dried mango and chocolate.

Some shots from today



  1. Smart phones... you've got jesus on hold.. And i love the photos!

  2. ALWAYS make time for the chocolate... try to get to Ghiardelli Square :)