Sunday, December 13, 2009

More pics from San Fran

I know its been almost week since I went, but I got the rest of the photos uploaded and wanted to share. Overall, I had good time in San Francisco, but I am not sure if I would want to live there. There are three different bus/subway lines that cross over Oakland and San Fran and they all require a different pass or exact change, that is a bit crazy.


I did have lunch with the only other queer from my high school (that is out) and it was fantastic to see him. We met in the Castro for sushi. He is quite funny and very sweet, hopefully we will catch up when he is back in Mass for Xmas with his family. I totally missed him playing though (he is still a musician)  as I had already committed to going to K'vetch with folks from the Equality Federation board meeting I was attending.


K'vetch was a throw back for me. There were some folks that read that I had read at Gender Crash so long ago and much like Gender Crash was there was the good, the bad, and wow open mic pieces.
On my last day of sightseeing before the board meeting I went to the San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art.


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