Monday, January 18, 2010

Vote for Martha Coakley

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This Tuesday is going to be a big day.

I was asked by someone close to me in my life how I could just let the Republicans take away the Senate seat here in Massachusetts. Well, it is not just up to me to get Martha Coakley elected, its up to all of us here in Massachusetts and those of you outside the state with friends and family here. Its up to us to vote on Tuesday and remind, bug, pester, and bug some more our friends and family to go vote and to go vote for Martha Coakley.

Martha Coakley was the first state wide politician to publicly support the Trans Civil Rights Bill, H1728/S1687.

The Republican candidate does not. I have no expectations he will be our friend or could even learn to tolerate us. He has never voted for any pro-LGBT legislation in the state, including gay adoption.

I am voting on Tuesday and I am voting for Martha Coakley.

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