Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New habits

I was recently given a Kindle, the electronic book reader, and I think it is pretty great. It is like an iPod for print. No more lugging around a giant book, I carry enough already. Since my Kindle acquirement I decided it was time for me read regularly print news besides the Metro so I subscribed to the Boston Globe via the Kindle. Two days in and I have read most of the daily editions, some on the train in the morning and the rest in the evening. I am totally into it.

After graduating for Goddard late last year I took a little reading break. I had been reading about three books and several journal articles every three weeks for school and towards the end I was tired of reading. Now, I am ready to consume the written word again, especially since it is in such an easy to handle package. I have not quite mastered the notes and highlighting feature, but I can clip articles and save them. Handy feature when I want to refer back to some study or statistic in a grant or training.

Do I still have over three giant bookshelves of books? Yes. Will I never buy another book in paper format again? Probably not, the Kindle I have only shows photos in black/white and seeing has I am into photography books, they just would not be the same. There are so many books, especially GLBT books, not yet available for the Kindle or any other reading device like it, but there is a good selection of travel essays, food essays, and fiction to keep me happy for long time. The Boston Globe arrives to my device every morning, probably hours before even wake up, that is pretty cool.

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