Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year/Decade

In four short months I will be turning 40, unbelievable. I did complete two of my goals from the last decade. One was to graduate from college before turning 40, success twenty years after I had tried for the first time. The second was to see the Golden Gate Bridge.

I am not one for making resolutions or even some semblance of a life plan, just an occasional goal which often stems from some dream or desire sparked by curiosity or some other internal compass pointing in a direction I just need to go in. Besides graduating from college, the other goals that have been kicking around for a decade or so mostly involve travel. Specifically, Paris and India. I have no idea why Paris, but the thought of sitting in a cafe in Paris drinking coffee, eating cheese and bread on some Parisian street corner after touring the Louvre makes my heart swoon with the thought. A more recent trip desire has been to go to India. I blame the many travel essays I tend to read on for this desired destination. I would like to see the Buddhist temples, visit the town the Dalai Lama resides in while exiled, and just experience the many cultures that continent has to offer.

So in the tradition of having some vague goals/desires for this next decade, Paris and India are still on the list, having a small dog at some point, and doing more art, maybe even professionally.

So to close out 2009 photos from a  short series titled From Inside Out: Camera lenses from a car window

Commonwealth Ave to Kenmore, Boston, MA


Vermont I 89


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