Monday, November 30, 2009

No photos today, but...

I did have a pretty amazing dinner with a friend. I like food and food I think, likes me, maybe a bit too much. Anyways, I had the "Italian butcher block with cheeses" small plate at Ivy - with a fig & cherry balsamic compote, assorted fruits, toasted almonds, sweet chili honey, a selection of cheeses, grilled crostini, and a warm goat cheese crouton.

The goat cheese crouton was amazing, crispy on the outside and warm and slightly melted on the inside, a very upscale version of the "fried mozzarella stick" without all the heavy oily feeling of it. I also loved the fig & cherry balsamic compote especially on the rustic bread. I was not crazy about the honey with sweet chili, the chili overpowered it a bit much. The meats were okay, one nice salami, but the other looked and tasted like sandwich meat from my 6th grade school lunches. A prosciutto would have been a better choice, especially for the price. 

My dinner companion had a house salad feled greens, kalamata olives, artichokes, roasted cherry tomatoes, and a goat cheese crostini which looked good and not skimpy. We also shared a black pepper tuna, which was seared and served rare, it was quite good.

No dessert, but overall it was good choice for quick bit after work.

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  1. wow, you really paid close attention to your dinner companion's meal. You should be a food writer in your next life.