Sunday, November 29, 2009

Concepts, creativity, and hopefully drama

I have decided I must come up with some kind of photographic concept for slide show film-esque piece similar to how Nan Golden first presented The Ballad of Sexual Dependency. She showed the slides continuously with a backdrop of music and let the images tell a story, as images should. I don't want the theme to be the same as hers, just the concept of showing it.

I spent the afternoon taking a bunch of shots in the Arboretum, mostly of tree bark. It is so textual. With winter fast approaching the colors were mostly grey, brown and misty and the trees looked like spindly arms reaching out towards the sky.

After wandering around I came up with contrasting and comparing layers that surround living things, like trees, pets, humans, and plants... that one is a maybe. The second idea was based off the idea of a birthday party, that one will need some willing souls to model for it.

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