Monday, September 28, 2009


I am having writer's block or I am just tired, could be a little of both. I am pondering an essay about the announcement of Chaz Bono writing a memoir about his transition... mostly because I am feeling mixed about this. Is there a need for another transperson medical transition narrative? I am sure someone is screaming "YES, it is a good educational tool!"

I am not so convinced, I just don't think we need to justify ourselves in order to put non-transpeople at ease, to make them comfortable with us. Shoot, I am doing quite enough just to be comfortable with myself, let alone the rest of the world.

I would personally like to read about trans folks lives after the "coming out and the medical transition" narrative. There must be something interesting about us after we have transitioned, like how for some of us we lose our incomes and our class standing. For others, we gain some measure of privilege, but it too can be taken away if we are outed. But that's just me...

I will ponder this some more.

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