Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I have been called "blunt," "intimidating," and "serious" by those that only know me through my trans activist work, but my friends would probably say that I am bit dorky, funny, and not at all like my pictures. Well I am not sure about all that, but I am definitely not a WWF wrestler. You might have thought that Brent Allbright's manager might have googled "Gunner Scott" before suggesting it has new stage name for the wrestler. Well either way he gave up that stage name and I stopped getting emails from 14 year boys wanting to know the latest wresting moves. My usual response to such emails was "I am sorry but I am not the wrestler Gunner Scott, but actually the transgender activist Gunner Scott. For more information about transgenderism please visit Gender Talk's definition page Transgenderism: Transgressing Gender Norms" 

As you might imagine, I don't think I won any new fans with these kids, but it was fun while it lasted.  Now that I have gotten the url away from the impostor it brings you to this, a blog. How often will I write? Depends on how much of my time isn't sucked by stupid people doing mean things to trans people and me having to write, call, email, or yell at them for doing it. What will I write about?

Well, I will probably mention my cats, Fred and Bert, at least every other blog post and the rest... I guess that will depend on what I am either cranky or happy about it. Anyways... maybe I will take requests about topics or maybe I will just go on about the joys of my bread maker. I figure if I could have written 304 pages for BA thesis I can get out at least a handful sentences for this blog.

If your an editor of some kind of academic journal and want to publish a thesis about the 2007 ENDA implosion, trans people being written out of gay rights history, and the work of transgender activists of today, email me about the thesis. Otherwise it lives on shelf in the Goddard College library.


  1. Gunner! What's up, man? I'm glad to see your FB post with your new url. I just finished some schoolwork, am burnt out from it, and then spent 10 minutes looking for your blogs contact form... but it doesn't have one! In my post-schoolblitz delirium I recommend that you go find a cheap webhost with php and mysql database so you can install wordpress software and build a much better website with way more functions than this blogspot front... including a contact form! And of course I'd be willing to help ya along in setting it up. Did I mention the tutorial I wanted to put together on this for activists? Let's talk brotha!

  2. Hi Gunner! Nice to see you posting again. Does this mean you've given up on LJ though?