Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Night Photography: Do Not Attempt in Boston

One of the assignments for my photo class was to take a night photo. Being a procrastinator this past week, I decided to just shoot some photos near an intersection not far from my house. I wanted to get th blur effect of the cars going by. Not a few minutes into taking a some pictures, which are long exposures 5 to 10 seconds, a car drives by then backs up, so I move up onto the side walk, off the side of the road. The window rolls down, the car reeks of pot smoke, and a head pops out and growls "Hey you taking pictures of my license plate?"

To which I reply "No, I am taking pictures of the street" in a tone that implies his question was the most ridiculous in the world.

He shakes his head, swears at me under his breath and drives away. I keep backing up onto the sidewalk into the shadows until he turns the corner.

I was a bit shaken.

About five years ago, I was in the middle of a shooting at Forest Hills T station. Literally in the middle between the shooter and the guy he was shooting at. Like all parts of the city, there is violence in the section I live in, not often, but it happens. Generally, I feel comfortable walking around Boston, but I was a bit anxious to be standing outside on a dark side street with a camera on a tripod.

When I have traveled in Europe I have often felt like I was going to be pick-pocketed at any moment and in a few places, like the Eiffel Tower at night, that I might get mugged. I don't feel that level of anxiety in Boston usually, but lately with what seems to be an increase in street crime and having been harassed on the street a few times lately I just feel less inclined to be outside in the evenings.

So after the incident I finished up quickly, only taking 16 photos and not very well. The one above was the best out of all of them. Most were too blurred from shaking the camera, because I was not taking my time. I think I will practice this technique when it gets a bit colder out, there will be less people out and about.

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  1. This one looks pretty good. Almost all of the night shots I've done came out blurred. Have you tried shooting fireworks? They come out weird. I have one that looks like a palm tree of another color.
    Gray G.